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We are Vika and Pedro :)

We began taking pictures of food as soon as we moved, conveniently, to New York City, a place where if you go to a different restaurant every day it will take you over 10 years to visit them all.


Vika has always been a talented food maker/recipe improviser. Her Israeli-Russian background provided her with craziest, most interesting combinations of elements like flavors, colors, and ingredients, and she consistently comes up with very unique dishes herself.


Naturally, being constantly manipulating ingredients and making food for herself and her family, she developed a keen eye for when something looks like it tastes, or at least looks like it should taste (which has proven to be a great way to surprise unsuspecting members of the dinner table with a recipe that didn't quite come out as planned).


Pedro has been throughout his life the exact OPPOSITE of Vika. An avid eater, he draws an almost existential love for experiencing food from his maternal grandfather, a Brazillian fellow with quite a "round" silhouette and a great appreciation for the pleasures of a well-prepared dish along with good company and some time to kill on a Sunday afternoon.


Many times affectionately nicknamed "The Bottomless Sack" by his increasingly thinning father with whom he "shared" most meals, Pedro appreciates not only the taste but the entire experience of a meal, the presentation, of course, being one of the most essential elements. Being Brazillian himself, variety in food is no stranger to him, and the only thing he will think twice about eating is anything that he would likely step on had it been alive.

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