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Be seen.

Social Media Management

When you become constantly present in peoples' routines, when they interact with you and you interact back, your establishment will always be in mind when they're thinking about where they want to go! Just think about how you feel about places you really like, don't they have a personality, even if it's subtle?

People buy from people, so don't be a corporate face!

Image by Petr Sevcovic

How I Work

Businesses are like people. In order to create and manage what is effectively your face to your clients, I need to get to know your place. I look at the workflow, hang out in the environment, meet the staff, and most importantly, I understand the spot. After taking care of that, I do all the rest of the work on my time, without getting in the way of your daily routine.


My goal is to treat your establishment how I would treat my own business. Your customers are my customers, and your success is my success.

Social Media is much more than just posting a video or a picture regularly, and the communication with your fanbase (yes, fanbase!) is the most important part of my job.

I'll do everything I can to touch your clients' lives and make them feel at home!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Lilly Rum

Content Creation

Content creation is the big scary monster under your bed, the one that you know you need to learn to face, but still end up avoiding.​

It's not exactly the "hard part" of the whole process, but doing it right can make or break your Strategy! 

Content Creation involves capturing, editing, and copywriting the posts, and what we deliver is THE Final Product: a piece of content where all you have to do is press the "post" button.

Maybe you need a little more than this, though. Keep scrolling...

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Content Strategy

You know the Content Creation monster? There's more to it.

The reason your social media might not be getting the results you want may not have anything to do with the quality of the content you're posting. Most likely, it has to do with the "content" of your content (sick of that word yet? Trust me, it only get's more complex).

Content Strategy is the most important element of your social media. These days, the game has gotten so advanced that only by understanding the Brand, it's core values, and how to anchor it all with your audience will you be able to actually BUILD a page and a community, instead of just having a virtual storefront that no one really cares about.

Image by Sarah Elizabeth


 The big change of our times is the fact that everyone has to be an expert on everything now, especially with smaller businesses.


For the modern small business owner, most likely it's too expensive to hire a dedicated employee for every single role like the "good ole' days". 

If you are your own social media manager but you need some tutoring on how to get the ball rolling, or you need feedback to understand why your beautiful posts are getting less likes than your teenage kids, I got your back! 

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Full Account Management

Now THIS is where the fun begins. With this package, you'll even forget how much of a burden it used to be to do your own Social Media work.

I will do absolutely EVERYTHING regarding your social media account. I will study and write up a small document identifying all of the aspects of your brand, from the differential element down to what kind of vocabulary you should employ. 

After that, I will capture, edit, copywrite, post, manage, and analyze all of your page's content. I also deal with all comments and direct messages you get, obviously relaying important info to you as needed.

Trust me, it doesn't get much better than this!

Why me?

I'm, too, a small business. Since I'm just one person, you will never have to deal with the IMMENSE HASSLE of being on hold to talk to the CEO, not being able to schedule a meeting, going through endless company policies and liability waivers just to post a story. With me, you are always a phone call, email, or text away from getting what you need, all the time.


Ready to get started? 

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